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Web design to get the Internet presence you deserve

The whole professional experience online at your service

It’s your website, better you have full control from start

It will cost less than you imagine, and no last time shocking news

If you are in a hurry I can help, you set the rithm

Select your solution

It doesn’t matter if you want a web for your business, a corporate site, an online shop or a small blog:
easy solutions to set you on top of the net.



To be or not to be … on the net

Questions? Sure

If you are near me, living in Marina Alta, we can meet for a cup of coffee (or tea), you’ll tell me what you need and I collect resources; if you are not so near we can speak by phone or email.
In a few days I will  make ready your site, we will adjust a bit and it will be online in no time.

Domain name is your name in the net, therefore better it’s yours from start; I will hire it at your name or you can hire it yourself, first year costs are included (at standard rates). Please remember that your domain name may be in use, we should think about several options in this case.

Hosting is hiring a space in the net for placing your website and make it visible to anyone, first year costs in a high performance server are included.

Yes, we will spend a couple of hours to show you the basics for changing texts and images and I will send you also info and tutoriales. Anyway, if you feel more comfortable I can do it for you, I’m sure we will get an agreement about this.

Hosting will take care of making backups. And you can make any changes by yourself but if you prefer I can do it for you, no problem.

Yeah, of course, this is called responsive: showing the best face for the target format.

Your web will be available in spanish, english and german but I’m open to your interests. Translations to this languages will be hand made.

I will include the images you may have, if you prefer stock images or want me to take some pictures of your business we can speak about it.

You website will be done using WordPress because it’s the most used, easiest and with a fantastic performance. They are many features available and it is user friendly to help you make your own changes.

Statistics and positioning

Once the site is finished I will register it at Google search engine, you will have a control panel and you may follow site’s evolution.

But the site itself will have also a statistics control to make it easier for you.

Many people will tell you that your page can be placed first at Google using something called SEO, I’m afraid it’s not so easy or all sites would be first sites (lol) but a good planning, content and regular update will help.

What makes a website awesome

Design 65%
Speed 80%
Responsive 75%
Content 95%