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Software, applications to make your life easier

Developing desktop applications for Mac OS X and Windows since a long time ago, mainly for photography edition and databases.

If you need a specific application or have a brilliant idea please contact me, sometimes it’s easier than you believe.

And of course all websites are in house designs.

Album DS, software for designing albums with the whole Photoshop power. Awarded several times by the Professional Photographer Association of America (PPA).

Available since 2005, it has become a standard in wedding album design and being used in more than 75 countries.

Album DS
Album TD

Album TD, to design an album fast and in a professional way you don’t need to look further. Having his own design area it allows for creating spreads in a breeze with full creativity.

Also an award winner for the Professional Photographers Association as best album design software.

With Auto Class Composite you’ll create photo composites in minutes, this application for Adobe Photoshop will fill the composite with the selected images and add texts to each of them automatically and using Photoshop design area to allow you to create any design you may imagine.

Auto Class Composite
Album XS

Album XS is an album design software fast and very affordable, for professionals who need designs at the highest speed.

Available for Windows and at the Apple Store

Composites and more composites, using Easy Class Composite you’ll get them in a short time. And it renames image files automatically using QR codes, so easy.

Easy Class Composite
Live Class Composite

Live Class Composites, merging video and images to create a new interactive experience for photo composites.

Of course, a free application for you. FX4Pics is a software for applying effects to your pictures in Photoshop, from a glamour touch to a bit of grunge or comic.